The Impact of Cold Plunging on Testosterone, Fat Burning, and Blood Pressure

The Impact of Cold Plunging on Testosterone, Fat Burning, and Blood Pressure

At this juncture, many of us are well-versed in the familiar and widely acknowledged advantages of cold plunging. These encompass improvements in mood, performance, and recovery, among others. However, emerging studies delve deeper into less recognized benefits that warrant attention.

We’re here to uncover the mysteries behind three burning questions: Can cold plunging help testosterone levels? Does it really help to burn fat and lose weight? And can it lower blood pressure? Buckle up as we explore science and dive into the cool, refreshing world of cold plunging.

Does cold plunging help boost testosterone levels?

Studies show: maybe. 

While there isn’t enough studied research out there to confirm or deny a cold plunge’s impact on testosterone, we thought this was pretty cool: According to Men's Health, when athletes were exposed to frigid temperatures following an intense sprint session, researchers at Swansea University observed a significant increase in testosterone levels in their saliva for up to 24 hours. This spike in testosterone is attributed to the body's instinctual response to survive in sub-zero conditions, which prompts the release of "cold-shock" proteins to safeguard against muscle tissue degradation. As a result, one of the byproducts is an elevation in testosterone levels, aiding in muscle building.

While the research is still evolving, early studies suggest a positive correlation between cold exposure and testosterone levels. Two of our all time favorite neuroscientists, Andrew Huberman and Susanna Soberg, sheds light on how cold therapy may stimulate the endocrine system, potentially leading to increased testosterone production. So, gentlemen, consider adding Fjord Cold Plunges to your routine for a natural testosterone boost and a refreshing dose of vitality.

Can cold plunging really burn fat?

Studies show: yes!

For those aiming to trim down, the prospect of fat burning through cold plunging is an exciting one. Susanna Soberg's research on brown fat activation indicates that exposure to cold temperatures can convert metabolically inactive white fat into energy-burning brown fat. Unlike the lack of enough studies behind the link of increased testosterone and cold plunges, there is far more research on brown fat activation as a result of taking the plunge. With the accessibility and convenience of Fjord, we provide an effective and refreshing strategy to support your fat loss journey. Picture yourself emerging from the cold depths, not just invigorated, but with a metabolism firing on all cylinders. Yes, please!

Can cold plunging help me with lowering my blood pressure? 

Studies show: yes! 

As we venture into the health benefits of cold plunging, the question of blood pressure reduction emerges. Studies, including those influenced by Dr. Rhonda Patrick, suggest that cold exposure may lead to temporary increases in blood pressure, followed by a gradual reduction. This process is thought to enhance circulation and cardiovascular health over time. 


As we conclude our examination of the impacts of cold plunging on testosterone levels, fat metabolism, and blood pressure regulation, one fact stands out – cold plunges offer more than just a revitalizing experience. They serve as a portal to a realm of well-being, where scientific knowledge intersects with practical cold therapy. Whether you seek to test elevating testosterone levels, promote fat burning, or improve cardiovascular function, cold plunging with Fjord offers a holistic solution. Embrace the invigorating chill, unlock your inner potential, and allow Fjord to reshape your journey toward wellness.



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