Elevate your daily wellness routine by bringing the Norwegian cold immersion experience to your home.

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Step into the world of ultimate wellness with Fjord, immersing yourself in one of our transformative cold plunge experiences. Our Fjord product lineup makes cold therapy convenient, portable, and affordable.

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The Benefits

Exposure to cold temperatures induces a range of acute physiological responses, collectively referred to as the cold shock response. Cold water immersion has been used for centuries to improve health and wellbeing, and there’s a growing body of science around how cold therapy impacts the body, mind, and spirit. To go deeper in the evidence-based research around the benefits of cold water immersion, see our “Learn” page



Hi, I’m Steven, founder of Fjord and fellow cold water plunger.

My enthusiasm for cold water immersion began on a business trip to Norway in the spring of 2014 when a friend challenged me to jump into the chilly waters of Oslofjord. After years of traveling to cold water destinations, I decided it was time to take the “plunge” (pun intended) and buy a cold plunge unit for my home. As I shopped around the competitors, I became discouraged by many of the overpriced and low-quality options on the market and set out to build a better cold plunge for fitness enthusiasts like myself. Fjord was born out of a mission to build a solid product with four core tenants in mind:

Quality — Affordability — Portability — Aesthetic Design